Vegan food news of the week: Costco’s ready-to-grill sausages, smoked salami, and more

Every week in the world of plant-based food news seems to be more exciting than the last and this week is no exception. Head to Costco where Beyond Sausages is ready-to-cook this Fourth of July. Summer nights are the time to enjoy a sip of wine and a bite of smoked vegan salami (and there’s a Napa winery where you can do just that). Plus, Austin’s major league football team got a vegan ice cream partner. read more.

1Costco gets beyond the hot dogs

With grilling season in full swing, now is the perfect time to stock up on vegan meats in bulk. And this week, Costco shoppers were in luck as Beyond Meat launched its bestselling Beyond Sausages in stores across Southern California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Hawaii.

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Vegan sausage contains zero cholesterol, contains no antibiotics, and contains 40 percent less saturated fat than its pork-based counterparts. At Costco, shoppers can find Beyond Sausages in packs of 12 hot Italian-flavored links.

More than one burger person? Costco is also offering Beyond Burger through July 23 as a members-only thrift section. This groundbreaking vegan burger comes in packs of 10 grillable patties.

2Fish-free tuna at Pokeworks

Summer is the perfect time to eat seafood, of the fish-free variety, of course. At the national Pokeworks series, a new protein option from startup Impact Food is making waves.

On the menu at the Irvine, CA Test Kitchen, this vegetarian version of tuna is made with pea protein and seaweed, providing a smooth texture and ocean flavor. The new Veggie Tuna can be ordered as part of existing poke bowls or used as a protein base for a DIY bowl.

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“We are excited to partner with Pokeworks to bring you delicious, sustainable seafood offerings without compromise,” said Kelly Pan, Impact Food co-founder and CEO, in a statement. “Together, we’re pioneering a new food experience that supports the health of our planet, people, and marine life.”

Pokeworks has been looking for a vegan fish option for some time and will use that test to inform a wider launch.

“We’re exploring new possibilities in sustainable and delicious eating,” Mike Wu, co-founder and chief culinary officer of Pokeworks, said in a statement. “Pokeworks’ partnership with Impact Food to test vegetarian tuna fish in Irvine’s kitchen is a testament to our commitment to innovation and creating a better future for our planet.”

3The smoked salami Renegade is gaining momentum

Does a little charcuterie and wine sound like a good time? That’s the name of the game over at Renegade Foods, a vegan salami company that just hit some pretty significant milestones. This week, Renegade tripled its production capabilities and added 20 new accounts from coast to coast.

Founder Iona Campbell was inspired to create the vegan Renegade product after learning about the art of making cured meats from European chefs during a trip to Spain. The company’s salmon is made using traditional techniques but without any animal products.

“We are part of an emerging and growing category of plant-based foods that use wholesome ingredients and traditional methods for flavors and textures.” Campbell said.

“Our toolkit is what chefs have used for thousands of years — brewing, seasoning, and smoking,” Campbell said. “Our flavors come from the food itself and are made naturally.”

The company recently made its salmon product shelf-stable—and removed 85 percent of the packaging—which Campbell says has helped it dramatically increase distribution.

Vegetables, vegan salami, regenerative foodsFood Renegade

“We felt that rack stability would be a game-changer, and this proves to be true,” Campbell said in a statement. “Demand is high and our retailers and wholesale accounts appreciate the ability to sell our products through their stores.”

“And with our upgraded production capabilities that can keep our limited processing with only useful ingredients, we will be able to meet increased demand and future growth without sacrificing the great flavors and quality that Renegade is known for,” she said.

Where else can you eat this game-changing vegan meat? In Napa, California, V Sattui Winery is now serving Renegade vegan salami, the perfect pairing for its world-famous wines. Across the country in Brooklyn, New York, vegan butcher shop Garden Carver is adding vegan salami to its sandwich-front menu. And in Denton, Texas, Mashup Market’s charcuterie boards just got an upgrade with Renegade.

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In addition to other select sellers and its own website, Renegade’s vegan salami is available in Smoky Soppressata, Sweet Toscana, and Spicy Chorizo ​​through gourmet food delivery company Harry & David.

4GoodPop makes it official with Austin’s Major League Soccer

Austin’s premier soccer club is embracing vegan ice cream this summer with GoodPop, its official and exclusive frozen treat partner.

“This partnership transcends football and represents our deep commitment to community and shared values,” said Daniel Goetz, CEO and Founder of GoodPop, in a statement. “Austin FC embodies the vibrant spirit of our city, and we are excited to support a team that brings people together and fosters a true sense of belonging.”

Veg, good bob ice cream sandwichesGoodPop

All summer long, Austin FC’s Q2 stadium will be stocked with vegan foods from GoodPop, which offers a variety of options like new pops, chocolate-covered bars, and ice cream squares (think Klondike but vegan).

“GoodPop’s mission to create meals that are delicious and better for you aligns perfectly with the positive energy and inclusiveness of Austin FC,” said Goetz. “We couldn’t be prouder to stand shoulder to shoulder with Austin FC and its passionate fanbase as we continue to make positive impacts in our community.”

5Frankie & Joe’s opens in California

More ice cream news? almost.

A new vegan ice cream shop has just opened in a cool part of the San Francisco Bay Area, Marine Country Mart in Larkspur, California – a diverse mix of artisans and merchants.

Here, Seattle import Frankie & Jo’s now serves up scoops of staple flavors like Brown Sugar Vanilla, Mint Brownie, and Strawberry Milk. The store will also offer Marin’s signature flavors and merchandise.

Vegan News, Vegan Ice Cream, Frankie & NutsFrankie and Jose

Frankie and Joe’s opened their first scoop shop in Seattle in 2016 and have now grown to three outposts across the city. Each year, it produces up to 30 innovative ice creams and new products using the highest quality ingredients.

“California has been a dream for years, and our goal has always been to ‘get this ice cream to more people,'” Oriff Martin, founder of Frankie and Joe’s, said in a statement.

Martin explained that while Los Angeles was where Frankie and Jo wanted to open their first California store, an opportunity to bring vegan ice cream to Northern California first arose and Martin jumped on it.

“we So The Bay Area is excited to have access to our ice cream, and we hope everyone enjoys our little but mighty shop,” said Martin.

Meet us for a scoop outside on the Mart’s spacious patio.

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