L’Oréal secures investment in biotechnology company Genomica

Late last month, San Diego-based biotechnology company Genomica announced that French personal care giant L’Oréal would be the third and final founding investor to expand operations and innovate in developing plant-based alternatives to its cosmetic formulations and personal care products. L’Oréal’s investment follows Unilever and KAO Corporation to bring members collective revenue of more than $100 billion.

Genomatica’s biotechnology platform is focused on harnessing proprietary microorganisms to ferment plant polysaccharides and produce sustainable surfactants for the formulation and production of personal care products. L’Oréal plans to utilize these surfactants in all of its product lines as part of its sustainability programme, L’Oreal for the Future, in which the company has committed to formulating products with 95% renewable ingredients by 2023.

About Genomics

Founded in 1998 by Christoph Schilling with partner Bernard Ballson, Ph.D., the biotechnology company has made several significant achievements in the past twenty-five years in the production and manufacturing of sustainable materials. Notably, in 2017, the company announced Operation Geno BG (Butylene Glycol for the Cosmetic Industry), and in 2019, Genomatica began shipping Brontide products on a commercial scale for natural cosmetics.

In June 2022,”Geno and consumer goods company Unilever have announced a $120 million project to scale and commercialize an alternative to fossil fuel-derived ingredients.” Kyle Huston, product manager for Genomatia, told CosmeticsDesign-USA.

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