Celebrate National Food Truck Day with these local businesses


Start the weekend with food from your favorite food truck to celebrate National Food Truck Day today.

When was the first food truck?

The first official modern food truck, called the Wienermobile, was seen in 1936 and the truck was in the shape of a hot dog on a bun. This led to the popular ice cream vans of the 1950s, where both adults and children would indulge in the sweet treats.

Food trucks as we know them today arrived in 2008, and the National Food Truck Holiday was adopted in 2016 by the Roaming Hunger Organization. This was done with the aim of encouraging people to frequent food carts run by small local businesses.

How many food trucks are there in the US?

As of January 2023, there were more than 36,000 food truck businesses in the country, with the largest number of food trucks located in California.

In honor of National Food Truck Day, here are some of the food trucks you can find in the Sacramento area.

California Street Taco
Owned by a 23-year-old man, this family business uses a secret recipe to keep their customers coming back for more. They only use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and fun fact – they hand pick all of their vegetables. Not only do they serve tacos, but also burritos, nachos, tortas, and quesadillas.

Cousins ​​Maine Lobster
A nationally known company, they partner with local entrepreneurs who are bringing the flavors of Maine lobster to their neighborhood. All employees are trained in Maine, where they learn about the industry and what makes their lobster special. Their menu includes, of course, all things lobster.

Eagle Fusion
Using food to bring cultures together, they embrace their uniqueness by creating a fusion of Cuban-Mexican cuisine. They serve burritos, bowls, sandwiches, and horchata in different flavors.

Buckhorn BBQ
This food truck is the result of the extremely popular Tri-Tip Sandwich at Chef’s Market in Napa. What sets them apart is California BBQ, which is expertly prepared with great flavors and quality ingredients while providing a family-friendly atmosphere.

These guys have been voted the #1 Food Truck for 8 straight years and their popularity among Sacramentians speaks for itself. Their menu features different types of sandwiches with interesting flavor combinations for the adventurous and sides like fried mac and cheese balls and dessert.

Bacon Obsession
Created in 2012, this family business is a regular at events like Aftershock, Coachella, and Cali Vibes. As their name indicates, most of their products contain bacon but they do have some items that are bacon-free.

Bangin dishes
From loaded dishes to desserts, you will be spoiled for choice at this Latin fusion food truck. The food is inspired by South American and Caribbean cuisines, and while the dishes are packed with flavour, they make for a different and healthy meal.

Pizza lovers
They pride themselves on being able to transport you to Naples, Italy in 90 seconds—just enough time to make your mouth water as you smell the pizza being made in a wood-fired oven.

Global fare food truck
Another family-owned business in Sacramento, their menu includes a wide variety of dishes from around the world. They offer options from Asia, America and Europe, giving you the chance to be adventurous or stick to the classics.

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